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You have mentioned that setting up the energy saving measures from your company will provide high return rate IRR 10-20%. What does it mean?

From any sort of investments, highest return rate is what everybody is looking for. For example, if you invested 100 baht, you would like to receive 110 - 120 baht in return, which means you made 10-20% profit and in finance they call that IRR or Internal Rate of return.

At this time, you might have known that interest from opening a saving bank account with a financial bank would be around 1% a year while choosing our selected saving energy measures from us could raise your IRR rate up to 10-20% which is a lot higher than most of the investments. Some even said that this would give them much more than investing in the stock market. So in deciding which of the investment would be best, the IRR will definitely be taken into account. (Actually finding IRR's way more complicated in finance because Time Value of money will have to be calculated also, but what I have explained might have given you some ideas about IRR already)