ESCO Projects

At present, energy saving projects, which are managed by the Energy Service Company or ESCO, have become an interesting alternative in the management of energy saving projects that are both fully equipped and yield obvious results.  Because the cost of energy is steadily rising every year, the Ministry of Energy has initiated and adopted business transactions in the form of the Energy Service Company, a specific kind of business that has enjoyed tremendous growth in the leading industrial countries of the world, in Thailand.   This Energy Service Company will provide services in the form of a full-cycled Turnkey Project, which will help to increase the efficiency of an organization’s use of energy to its optimum level by means of specifying clear measures, using high quality and modern equipment which is both designed for energy conservation and accepted, in engineering terms, at on international level.  The Company also provides a financial service by analyzing clear financial returns that allow the clients to operate through a self-financing method and offering a source of investment capital from the ESCO Fund that offers very low interest rates to the clients.  The Company also monitors the work results, organizes training and educates the employees of an energy saving project thus ensuring its success and sustainability.

Energy Performance Contract –EPC

An energy performance contract is a contract signed between the energy service company and the owner of a workplace.  The contract comes into effect at the time of the installation of the equipment until an agreed specified time usually 3-5 years.  The contract specifies the amount of energy saved in comparison with the baseline energy used of the production process, machinery, equipment or the system.  The regular level of energy used is also indicated in the energy performance contract.




To facilitate all the projects of the Company’s clients (if required), the company provides a service for acquiring a source of 100 % investment capital at a low interest rate.  A Self-Financing Project has been introduced involving the client recompensing, in instalments, the source of the capital using funds gained from a decrease in energy fees.  This will ease the client’s burden when funding a budget or raising investment capital in addition to greatly reducing opportunity costs.